David Duffy

It’s always amazed me that in an instant time can be “frozen” forever to capture a smile, a tear, or the look of amazement which will always bring the memory back.

I find wedding photography very challenging. To capture this very important day for the happy couple, the dress, the music, the visitors, will all be remembered but the photographs will give endless hours of memories. I enjoy meeting the bride and groom for the first time.

Their plans for the big day and ensuring I can add another dimension for this very important day. It is important to meet the bride and groom to see their choices of location We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete service regardless of the weather.

The increasing interest in portrait and fashion portfolios are very rewarding for me. Many clients who approach me for a portrait sitting are amazed at the results achieved. It is like looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes. Many of our models and portrait clients are amazed at the presentations achieved when we put a complete team on the project without losing the personal touch.

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David Duffy