James Walls

I find it offers a creative outlet, as well as providing a chance to work with people to create a rewarding and lasting image.

Photography is very much a passion for me. Above everything else, we believe that service is the key to results, and look to interact with you in a friendly, relaxed, professional way- to essentially treat you in the manner we would expect to be treated in ourselves by a trusted friend.

Personally, I find Wedding Photography to be a totally rewarding experience. I especially enjoy seeing and capturing the day unfolding, from the final preparations of the bride, (and last minute speech writing by the best man!) through to the service and bridal party photos, and through the reception, speeches and cake cutting.

I enjoy photographing people in their favourite environment because this allows your personality, feelings and favoured image to be fully conveyed. This also makes the actual photography session easier and more fun for all involved. As an animal lover, I am also happy to work with pets and their owners in both animal photography and mixed portraits.

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James Walls