Emotif offers the ability to capture any and all aspects of your day that you require, in a way that reflects your style & intent. We have no pre-conceptions about whether weddings should be formal or informal, we just want to reflect YOUR feelings - this is where we believe that we are fundamentally different from most other photographers.

We offer an exclusive service in that we only accept up to 2 bookings per month. We think it's much more important to provide our entire focus on you and your wedding and what will make the day special for you - both in terms of the photographs and the actual day - than to book ourselves every week. This means we can devote time to the day and to the post processing of your photographs.

All aspects of the day can be variable, but we offer one fixed price. For this you get our services before the day to plan and choose your favoured locations and take some test photos, our presence where and when you want on the day (by that I mean TWO photographers! - both David and James typically), all digital negatives/files, plus an originals album containing upwards of 200 prints.

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