The Journey Matters

When travelling or in need of a get-away one of the significant decisions, you have to look at and include the issue of accommodation and food. Deciding on where to get accommodation options is advised by several factors.

Providing excellent accommodation

You need to conduct comprehensive research as to which institutions provide for all the services you need. At Emotif, we pride ourselves in providing excellent accommodation options and extra benefits.

Factors to Consider When Picking an Accommodation

There are features of accommodation facilities that are constant when it comes to making a choice. Whether you are a student looking for a place to stay, these factors should inform your decision.

Accommodation situations

The price is the primary determiner of the places you can stay and those you can’t. It helps you identify the accommodation situations that are within your budget range, and you eliminate those that are not.



It is essential to be able to access basic extra services other than a place to sleep. These include laundry options and food. Emotif has an excellent collection of options when it comes to choosing meals. There are affordable meals that have been prepared with expertise, and you also get vegan and vegetarian options.

Accessibility & Customer Service

you should be able to access the necessaryfacilities and social amenities with as little hassle as possible. If you have a care, you should get parking, and the roads to and from the facilities should be usable. However, the facility should be within the operating system of public transit options.

Customer service at Emotif, we strive to give our gueststhe best possible experience throughout their stay with us. We achieve this by working towards complete customer satisfaction. From the moment you walk into our facility, you will receive exceptional services from professional staff members who are ready to assist you through anything.


Our services are geared towards providing visitors with all they need, giving exemplary services and ultimately having an impact on our clientele. We aim to convert them to regulars and promote the idea of referrals. Our facility has received good reviews from those that have stayed with us.

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Ideas to look for when you are selecting perfect locations for restaurants

Whether it is your first time opening a restaurant or you have been in the business for a very long time, it is very important for you to ensure that you select the best place to set up your restaurant. This is because the location of the restaurants that you set up will determine whether they will succeed or not. However, this is how so many people fail in business because they think that they will succeed anywhere they set up a restaurant. You have to be very careful so that you can do things the right way from the start, and this involves selecting the best locations for your restaurant. For you to select the right locations for your restaurants, there are several things that you have to think about as an individual. They include:

Target customers’ population

When you are starting any business, what makes you motivated is the people that you will be targeting to sell your products and services to. Therefore, this is the same case with the restaurant business. If you want to select the best location for your restaurant, then you should be guided by the population of your target customers. There are locations where you have a higher population of the target customers, and business is likely to flourish in these areas. However, there are others where the demand for the restaurant is low and hence the population of your target market. This is not the right place for you to start your restaurants, and hence you have to make sure that you consider the target customers’ population for you to select your location for restaurants.


When you identify the location where you will be starting the restaurants, you have to think about whether you are visible to your target customer or not. Always know that the customers will never be looking for you. Instead, you should always take a step and be somewhere that they can always notice the restaurants. Therefore, you should ensure that you select the location where you are visible to all your customers. If you are not in a visible location, you will have to do a lot of marketing for your business to be known by people.

Available parking

Most states do not allow people to park on the off-site parking, and they are not safe either. Therefore, customers will be looking for restaurants that have ample parking for them to park their cars. This is why you should never forget to look at the visibility of the restaurants’ parking area when you are selecting the perfect location for your restaurant. Do not inconvenience your target customers.

Amount of space

The amount of space that is available in the location where you will be setting your restaurants is also very important. You have to ensure that you have located a spot that has adequate space for you to set up your restaurants. This is because most people do not like going to restaurants that are too congested. When you have more spaces in your restaurants, you will have a better working place and your customers will also enjoy being there.

Competition level

Think about the level of competition you are likely to face when you select to set up your restaurants in certain places. You do not want to set them up in the areas where you will face too much competition since it may not be encouraging. To be on the safe side, start your restaurants in places where there are fewer restaurants, but the population of the target customer is high.

The Lion Restaurant and Bar is one of the best in Australia. Visit them and enjoy their food and services.

Luxury Accommodation in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is renowned around the globe. There are places by the same name all over the world, but none of them is as iconic as Gold Coast Australia. The Queensland coastal region attracts millions of domestic and international visitors year in year out. For travellers looking for accommodation in the Gold Coast region, there are several hotels, resorts and rental apartments to host you for as long as you want.

What guests should expect from a luxury hotel

The term luxury has exhibited its overuse in today’s hotel accommodation, but you are likely to get luxury accommodation in 4-star and 5-star hotels. All in all, high paying customers expect standard accommodation worth the money that they are spending. Excellent services in-room services, dining services and everything else expected of a good hotel.

The following are some of the features high paying hotel accommodation seekers expect from a luxury hotel.

Easy, intelligent, and respectful planning

While reserving your hotel, it should be a simple process, and you should get the help you need anytime. The same should apply whether you are booking from a hotel directly or through third-party agents.

Easy, fast and discreet check-in and check-out

It is frustrating to clients waiting in a line for check-in and check-out. Luxury travellers hate to wait in a line and deserve fast and efficient services because they are more than willing to pay extra dollars for excellent services. Once a luxury traveller checks in, his or her luggage should take less than ten minutes to arrive at his or her room. Efficient and effective services are more synonymous to luxury hotels than any other accommodation. During check-out day, excellent customer care services, whether on the bill discrepancies or anything else should be handled with high customer service. These individuals should leave the customers happy and satisfied, so that they may come back in the future.

You get what you wanted in a luxury hotel rooms

In a luxury hotel, you expect to be assigned to the room that you wanted, with the features that you chose, no exceptions. Some of these features include: pet-friendly, allergen-free, with a  beach view, secluded rooms, ground floor, high floor, and more. There is a long list that describes what a luxury hotel entails. Here are some irreducible minimums for a luxury hotel in the opinion of the travellers paying higher for luxury accommodation on the Gold Coast.

  • They should like the room as soon as they enter. The rooms should be consistent with designs, furnishing, and aesthetics.
  •  Quiet rooms far from elevators or generators and AC equipment, rooms with fresh air and no odours.
  •  And this is just the beginning of the list. Each individual will have specific needs, that they might require of the luxury accommodations.

Luxury hotel room furniture and furnishing

A king bed size with a reasonably firm mattress with aesthetic linens and a phone call away for bedding stuff. This is considered standard, but occasionally, something is missed. If it can be fixed with one phone call, perfect.  There should be adequate room space with a tabletop for digital nomads who love to work, even when they are travelling. In the room, there should be a storage space for personal items and personal effects. A luxury hotel should never miss a flat-screen TV set and free Wi-Fi for the guest to enjoy online access. High-end luxury hotel accommodations may include a coffee brewer inside the room, bottled water for the guests, and more. Luxury bathrooms with warm and hot showers and luxury bathtubs are extra perks.

Good Food Restaurants Hervey Bay

The dining experiences offered by Hervey Bay are varied to suit every visitor’s taste and preference. The variety offered by good food restaurants Hervey Bay is sure to please every taste palate of children and adults.

Budget-conscious travellers are ensured their day of dining enjoyment with the different food styles offered by the restaurant in Hervey Bay.

Good Food Restaurant Offers in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay has it all when it comes to the dining experience. Budget-conscious or money-is-not-the-problem tourists all get more than fair share in dining experiences that will always be memorable, fun, and exciting.

Take Away and Park Food Experience

Food parks featuring take away foods are the most popular option for budget-constrained visitors. The food offers ranging from chips to drinks are filling and delicious. The park ambience to enjoy the good food guarantees a great experience for every traveller.

Cafes by the Bay

Cafes dotting the bayside of Hervey Bay offer stunning ocean views, friendly staff, delicious food that will indulge all the senses. Open from 6:30 am, 7 days a week, the cafes offer the best brew to go with the most gastronomic locally-produced meals.

Amazing Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine offers an amazing variety of mouth-watering delicacies that will truly delight any food-tripper. Open 7 days, the various restaurants immersed in Indian food make them a must-experience while staying in Hervey Bay. Namaste!

Charcoal and Grill delights

Charcoaled and grilled cuisine is always a perennial favourite. Charcoal and grill restaurants located in the heart of Hervey Bay will not disappoint with their offers of the most sumptuous steaks grilled to perfection.

Sushi food trip

Restaurants offering Japanese healthy food options have become sought-after dining places in Hervey Bay. Your yearning for the best sushi is guaranteed to be met by the various Japanese restaurants in Hervey Bay.

Italian delights

Pasta dishes whipped to perfection ensured by the different Italian-inspired restaurants along the bayside of Hervey Bay. Pizza, done the authentic Italian way will prove a satisfying surprise as you take in the fantastic views of Hervey Bay.

Elegant French Food

Nothing can compare to the elegance and fine dining experienced in a good French restaurant. The fine and selected wines to complement the elegance of the meal while marvelling at the views of the bayside can truly jolt the senses of even the most jaded traveller.

Outdoor dining

The casual and cosy ambience provided by outdoor dining provides a great dining experience for families and groups. Dining outdoors on good food provides the best way to experience seeing the local colour of Hervey Bay displayed in all its glory.

Delicious Chinese food

Chinese cooking has become a mainstay in almost all small and big cities in Australia. Hervey Bay is no different from its roster of Chinese restaurants offering the most amazing meals. The big dining rooms provide the perfect setting for large groups and families.

Seafood galore

The dining experience in Hervey Bay will not be complete when the locally-produced seafood eating is not experienced. The casual and cosy environment of the various seafood restaurants is perfect for families and big groups.

Hervey Bay is a small place offering big experiences for everyone. This ranges from water activities, whale watching, and fine dining. It is easy to find a restaurant in Hervey Bay that will suit your taste since there’s a variety of good places that offer a variety of food.

5 Ways To Avoid Unexpected Travel Expenses

Planning on travelling soon? Haven’t had a relaxing vacation in a while? No worries, you can have a fun, adventurous and yet relaxing trip without having to worry about your budget going out of whack! Here are 5 tips to make sure that you avoid unexpected travel expenses during your trip.

Save up on accommodation

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that staying in fancy hotels while they’re vacationing is their only option. Accommodation hobart waterfront costs can usually take a big chunk out of your pocket, especially if it’s a tourist friendly destination, and can leave a bad taste in your mouth as far as your vacation is concerned. Little do a lot of people know, you can save up on these expenses by opting for self-service hostels or serviced apartments instead of hotels, which can be exponentially cheaper in the long run by every comparison.

Prior Research

Make sure that you do your own research before heading to a travel destination. It always helps to know the different social cultures of the place you are visiting so you are more aware of what to expect, what issues can arise and/or how to deal with different situations without wasting time or money figuring it out while you’re they’re.

Making a budget

Make a budget before you head off to your travel destination! It’s easy to get swept up in the scheme of things and overspend while you’re travelling. Know how much you can afford to spend and compartmentalize what percentage of your travel money you can spend on which things. If you go with no idea of how much money you’ll be spending, chances are, your vacation will turn out a lot heavier on the pocket than you expected!

Local travel

Instead or hiring taxis, take advantage of the local travelling options available at your travel destination. Locations are best experienced closely rather than from afar. While taxis can be the easier option, public transport will save you a lot of money in the long run and can also add to your experience of the place!

Hidden charges

While you’re travelling, there can be a lot of hidden charges that can pop up during your process. Touristy places usually have hidden charges in hotel bookings or tickets. Make sure you do your research and ask a lot of questions regarding what you’re being charged for. Look at receipts when you buy things and don’t assume that whatever is written on them is 100% accurate. Be vigilant and know that tourists are the easiest targets! Remember that and you’ll have a great, pocket-friendly vacation!

What do luxury hotels have that others do not?

Most people think that all the hotels have the same facilities, but this is not a fact. Luxury hotels have a vast difference from regular hotels. The difference is the facilities and also the amenities that they have, and even the charges that are charged in these two types of hotels are different. When you are in a luxury hotel, you will have a feeling as if you are in your own home, unlike when you are in regular hotels. In this article, we will discuss what do luxury hotels have that others do not.

1. Mobile Phones

Luxury hotels also have mobile phones for their customers. When you are in a luxury hotel, you will be given a mobile phone for your room in the hotel even if you have your mobile phone. The phone will help you to reach out for room services or also calling your chauffeur when you want them to pick you or drop you to any location you wish to.

2. A fully stocked fridge or a mini-bar  

When you are booking a room in a luxury hotel, you will be asked about the types of drinks that you want to have in your fridge. The fridges and mini-bars are then stocked with the drinks that you choose. The other hotels, on the other hand, do not have refrigerators or mini-bars in the rooms, but you can get the drinks you need at the main bar.

3. Chauffeur check-in

When you are getting in a luxury hotel, you must come across a front desk staff that will check you in at whatever time of the day or night you are entering into the luxury hotel. However, in other hotels, no one monitors your movements. You can go in or out of the hotel without anyone checking you in or out. The staff at the front desk of the luxury hotels also have portable scanners that they use to detect whether you have illegal items like weapons.

4. Meals at any time.

Luxury hotels have their chefs who cook for the guests in the hotels. For this reason, you can get the kind of food you want at any time you want. This is very different from the other hotels since you only get to have meals at lunch, breakfast and supper. The meals in the luxury hotels are delivered to you anytime you want in your room. Luxury hotels also provide meals that are more delicious than the meals offered in other hotels because their chefs are trained experts.

5. Movie library

Although there are so many movie channels in the television today, there are movie libraries in all the luxury hotels. You will get to watch all the movies that you want since you will get them from the digital movie library availed to you.

We offer you ample security during your stay with us. That way, you do not have to worry constantly about the state and safety of your items. Our spaces are adequate in size, and we work towards giving you as much personalised care as we can.

Our dining and accommodation services are informed by the need to offer excellent services at competitive pricing without having to compromise on quality. We offer you services for personal, group or corporate visits. We believe that each step you take in a  journey counts and contributes to the success of your endeavours.

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