What do luxury hotels have that others do not?

What do luxury hotels have that others do not?

Most people think that all the hotels have the same facilities, but this is not a fact. Luxury hotels have a vast difference from regular hotels. The difference is the facilities and also the amenities that they have, and even the charges that are charged in these two types of hotels are different. When you are in a luxury hotel, you will have a feeling as if you are in your own home, unlike when you are in regular hotels. In this article, we will discuss what do luxury hotels have that others do not.

1. Mobile Phones

Luxury hotels also have mobile phones for their customers. When you are in a luxury hotel, you will be given a mobile phone for your room in the hotel even if you have your mobile phone. The phone will help you to reach out for room services or also calling your chauffeur when you want them to pick you or drop you to any location you wish to.

2. A fully stocked fridge or a mini-bar  

When you are booking a room in a luxury hotel, you will be asked about the types of drinks that you want to have in your fridge. The fridges and mini-bars are then stocked with the drinks that you choose. The other hotels, on the other hand, do not have refrigerators or mini-bars in the rooms, but you can get the drinks you need at the main bar.

3. Chauffeur check-in

When you are getting in a luxury hotel, you must come across a front desk staff that will check you in at whatever time of the day or night you are entering into the luxury hotel. However, in other hotels, no one monitors your movements. You can go in or out of the hotel without anyone checking you in or out. The staff at the front desk of the luxury hotels also have portable scanners that they use to detect whether you have illegal items like weapons.

4. Meals at any time.

Luxury hotels have their chefs who cook for the guests in the hotels. For this reason, you can get the kind of food you want at any time you want. This is very different from the other hotels since you only get to have meals at lunch, breakfast and supper. The meals in the luxury hotels are delivered to you anytime you want in your room. Luxury hotels also provide meals that are more delicious than the meals offered in other hotels because their chefs are trained experts.

5. Movie library

Although there are so many movie channels in the television today, there are movie libraries in all the luxury hotels. You will get to watch all the movies that you want since you will get them from the digital movie library availed to you.


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